We take great pride in providing a personalised and professionally-nurturing environment to those authors we represent. We help them shape and polish their writing projects, negotiate the best possible terms in their contracts, and identify and create opportunities to build a writing career.

We continue to actively seek new authors, both established writers and new and emerging authors of fiction and nonfiction. We read every publishing proposal that is sent to us and always endeavour to respond within a reasonable time frame. While the vagaries of the publishing world mean that not every book will get off the ground, we always try to provide you with useful feedback or advice regarding your proposal. This is provided free of charge.

If we believe your book proposal has merit (that is, it has a chance of commercial success, which is sadly not necessarily the same thing as having intellectual worth) and take you on as a client, we then work to help you structure, edit and present your work in the best possible light. Again, this advice is provided free of charge.


Once both agent and author are convinced that the proposal is as good as it can possibly be, we seek to find the right publisher for your book. Using our knowledge and networks within the publishing industry, we pitch and submit your work to the most appropriate individuals in the most appropriate publishing houses. We then negotiate the best possible contract terms with the interested publisher, always ensuring our authors understand exactly what the contract means, what their responsibilities are, and how and when royalties will be paid.

We handle the paperwork and contracts, consulting all the way. We will negotiate for the reproduction of our clients’ work in other formats and territories, and look for innovative ways to use new media to extend the reach of a work. Crucially, we are proactive in generating other opportunities to promote our authors’ books and develop their writing careers.